Shane Blackwell

Visual Communicator + Mentor


Developed and Utilised throughout my lecturing and working career

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Acrobat Distiller
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Premire Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Encore
Adobe Soundbooth
Adobe Audition
Adobe Media Encoder
Creative Development
Pre Press
Art Direction


• Advanced Diploma of Arts (Electronic Design and Interactive Media) 30321QLD
• Diploma of Arts (Graphic Art) 12861
• CUF50207 – Diploma of Interactive Digital Media 
• Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAELLN4011
• Google Adwords Certified


Program Knowledge & Skills

Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud  
Web Development - HTML and CSS, WordPress inc LMS & DMS systems
Pre Press setup and output for Die Cutting, Foiling, Embossing, Spot Colour etc. Macromedia Sign Writing, Corel CorelDRAW, Macromedia Studio MX
3ds Max7, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office & Dantz Retrospect (Backup)
Plus Many More... 


Current Employment - LocalSearch

Web Designer/Wordpress Specialist - Mar 2016 - Current 
138 Robina Town Centre Dr, Robina QLD 4226

Previous Employment - Keystone College

Personal Coach, Hub Trainer & Mentor - Dec 2013 - Feb 2016 
Lecturing a Diploma in Interactive Digital Media 
2/75 Scarborough St Southport  

Previous Employment

Crystal Crayons Design & Media Studio - April 2013 - Dec 2013
Lecturing a Cert III in Digital Media - Traineeship
Senior Designer

Previous Employment

bcreative - Feb 2012 -  April 2013
Lecturing a Cert III & Cert IV in Digital Media - Traineeship
Senior Designer

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0401 796 170

Cover Letter

As outlined in my CV, I am currently employed as a Web Designer/Wordpress Specialist for Local Search, formerly Local Directories Pty Ltd in Robina Qld. My previous position was personal coach, hub trainer and mentor lecturing creative print , web and multimedia for Keystone College. I have a natural aptitude for teaching in the IT & creative industries and extensive experience in producing design materials for my own clients, previous employers, graphic design students and co-workers. I have covered all types tasks through to designing high quality marketing, educational and informative materials for clients in the advertising and vocational sectors up to standards expected by private sector, organisations and government bodies.

Throughout my career I have helped create and maintain strong relationships for a variety of stakeholders including my own clients, employers, and third party suppliers. For example, I have produced materials for bcreative, Commercial Arts Training College, BP and 9 major national real estate companies throughout Australia. In addition, I have had a variety of local, regional and interstate clients.

I have been using Adobe Creative Cloud in my current employment and freelance work. By keeping in touch with industry trends, I have maintained a current knowledge of ‘best practices’ in design which has given me a creative edge in designing effective marketing campaigns, developing brands and sub-brands, brochures, signage, web sites, publications, manuals, guidelines, program guides, student handbooks and advertisements. I believe my program knowledge of the main programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver and Flash) is second to none and my design experience is without compromise.

One of my main specialisations is in print production, which entails the coordination of a number of related activities, such as liaising with clients and local and international printers so as to ensure excellent quality outcomes and appropriate pricing. My work flow management approaches encompass all stages of development from conception through to completion, distribution, and contingency/backup strategies. I am aware of the need to build a team environment where excellence, service, respect, care, consideration and (most importantly) accountability is fostered and implemented. I believe it is essential to surround yourself with a great team so as to ensure that we can take on additional (often urgent) design work, without effecting current scheduled work deadlines. Although I believe that I can fit into any work environment, I relish any opportunity to work independently if needed.

My current employer have given me a fairly autonomous role which has enabled me to concentrate on building competent streamline workflow procedures. With my past experience with the Commercial Arts Training College and in various leading design and production roles, I feel very confident that I am the right person for the position. Even now I am developing my own short course curriculum that will increase communication, respect and value of design for both the designer and non-designer.

Creativity has been a strength of mine from a very early age, so much so that I feel that I am destined to create! Although sometimes it can be challenging, I view creating things as a form of expression and something that I need to do every day. I really do enjoy my working life as it involves exploring style, possibilities and solutions. I am proud of what I achieved at the Commercial Arts Training College as it assisted me in becoming a leading-edge designer, who is respected by his peers.